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 Updated aquarium monitoring and control system with built-in WiFi
* Easily monitor & control aquarium parameters with mobile devices
* Convenient system updates eliminate cumbersome firmware updates

High-tech aquarium monitoring and control system boasts built-in WiFi for greater set up ease and enhanced performance. Neptune Systems Next Generation Apex WiFi Aquarium Controller System builds upon the popular Apex aquarium control system for extreme ease of use from your internet-enabled mobile device. Integrated 802.11g/n wireless technology and new mobile app allow expedited set up and control. Also, upon notification, users can easily perform system updates from their mobile device, or even over WiFi in a matter of seconds!

Redesigned Apex Base Unit features a revolutionary mounting design that allows convenient access to all the connections while making it more difficult for water to enter the electronics via cable.

Next generation Energy Bar 832 included with your Apex System is the ultimate power control hub featuring built-in power monitoring and an internal power supply. Forward and backward compatible design allows you to employ existing Apex accessories and modules.


  • Apex Base Unit (Control Head)
  • Energy Bar 832
  • 6 ft Aquabus Cable
  • Lab Grade Salinity Probe
  • Lab Grade Double Junction pH Probe
  • Lab Grade Double Junction ORP Probe
  • Temperature Probe
  • pH and Salinity Calibration Fluids


  • Prevents catastrophes by monitoring key parameters in your aquarium, takes corrective actions for you, and alerts you via your smart phone when things go off track.
  • Monitors your equipment ensuring it is operating correctly at all times and lets you know when it's not.
  • Tracks your manual test results, maintenance, livestock purchases, and tank observations and helps you correlate issues in your aquarium to the things that are happening inside.
  • Manages the full operation of equipment (lights, pumps, filters, ATO, etc.) on your tank with simple setup wizards and an easy-to-use app.
  • Takes the place of many costly and cumbersome discrete components such as light timers, heater controllers, pump controllers, etc.
  • Gives you the peace of mind to know how your aquarium is doing, instantly, from anywhere in the world.

Apex Base Unit (Control Head) Specifications

Energy Bar 832 Specifications


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    • Built-In WiFi
    • Temperature Probe Port
    • Salinity Probe Port
    • pH Probe Port
    • ORP Probe Port
    • Ethernet Port
    • Switch Inputs
    • (2) AquaBus Ports
    • 4 Channels of Variable Speed/Dimming (0-10V)
    • (13) Total power connections for your aquarium devices
    • (8) 120V AC Outlets all switched with relays rated for millions of cycles
    • (3) 1LINK 24VDC Smart outlets for devices such as WAV, DOS, etc.
    • (2) Switchable 24VDC outlets for accessories such as small pumps, solenoids, fans, etc.
    • Base Controller Unit - 4.75" L x 5.25" H x 3.25" W
    • Energy Bar 832 - 10" L x 6.5" H x 2.25" W


SKU: 71311